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Leben Retten V. Landschaft

Leben Retten V. Landschaft

911 Tribute

America as well as the rest of the world shall never forget this day in history. Prayers for all the families who have suffered the loss of a loved one, and the hero's who gave their lives so selflessly. God Bless America~

Check out newspaper article about what is involved in training Disaster Dogs.

Retten is a sable German Shepherd Dog, trained in Search and Rescue. Retten is one of three K-9's with the Blytheville Emergency Squad in Missisippi County, Arkansas.

Retten is bred from working-line GSD's imported from Germany. His Sire is Omo Vom Giesernest SCH 3 and mother is Ufka Vom Karthago IPO 3. To see pictures of his parents and other dogs in the lines, visit the pedigree page.

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Retten's Pedigree

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Landschaft Kennels

Many thanks to Landscaft Kennel for keeping German Shepherds what they are meant to be....a WORKING dog!

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