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Pyro was found roaming the streets of Memphis TN in April 2002. She was taken by animal control to a kill shelter in the city. I found out about her through a wonderful email list, Dutch Shepherds.

I went to visit her in the shelter and fell in love with this little pup. She was so full of life, with such a wonderful personality. I just knew that she would soon be coming home with me.

I named her Pyromaniac for a couple of reasons. One is I love Def Leppard and it's the title to one of my favorite songs. The other is her coat pattern looks like she's on fire and she's so loaded with personality she's a maniac. The name seemes to fit her :)

I believe she is a Dutch Shepherd, but I have no way of knowing for sure if she is purebred or not. Some people experienced with the Dutch Shepherd breed have looked at her pictures and suggested she might be purebred but she could also have some Malinois in her. No matter what bred she is, she is a wonderful dog and she's here to stay!

I'm NOT a Hyena
My Teeth Hurt~
Rikky's the Boss~
Face Shot
Devil Dog
Who Me?

On April 25th, 2002 Pyro sustained a fracture to her mandible on the left side. These pictures were taken two weeks later. Her vet, Dr. Thomas Gall operated on her placing external fixators in her mandible so that the fracture would heal properly.

As you can see, Pyro is dealing with the injury very well. She has had no trouble eating, drinking or playing. She is a very rambunctious little puppy and this injury has not slowed her down at all!

External Fixators
I'm Hungry~
Food Smells Good~
A Face Only A Mother Could Love
I Can Bark, WOOF~
Another Face Shot
External Fixators
I'm a Good Girl
 More Playing With Retten
Up On The Table
Playing With Retten

Starting Search
Victim Located
Kissing Her Victim
Tuckered Out
Pyro and Ember, Bookends
Pyro and Spirit
Pyro's Size
Pyro at Attention

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