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Ember has had a rough life in her short time here on earth. She was abused so badly they broke her left shoulder when she was only 5 months of age.

Ember was abandoned at a veternarian clinic when the "owners" didn't want to pay the fees necessary to have surgical repair done on the injury they caused.

Ember was then taken to a kill shelter and thank goodness was rescued soon after. A wonderful lady by the name of Rochelle came into Ember's life. Rochelle made sure that Ember, who was at the time known as Sniffles, was housed in a private boarding kennel and recieved basic obedience training.

Ember had been in rescue for most of her life, about 9 months when I decided to adopt her. I flew into New York and picked her up the following day. We had a LONG flight home, but we made it :)

I have another Dutch Shepherd named Pyro, and keeping with the "fire" theme Ember was suggested as a new name for her. Ember and Pyro look very similar and are beginning to become good friends.

As you can see from the pictures below, Ember is settling in to our home very nicely. It appauls me that someone could have ever abused this beautiful, intelligent, loving dog. I hope they get what is coming to them in the end.

Pyro on left, Ember is on right

Pyro, Retten and Ember

Ember, Retten and Pyro

Ember on left, Pyro on right

Ember and Retten Playing

What a beautiful girl!

Pyro and Ember swimming on Ember's first camping trip

Pyro and Ember cruising on the river.

Robbie and Ember October 2004

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